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Lingual orthodontics

Lingual orthodontics enables adult patients to be treated while ensuring complete invisibility. The brace is bonded to the « ligual » or tongue-side of the teeth.

GC self-ligating brackets

A treatment by the lingual technique obtains the same results in the same time as a classical treatment if the method is well managed.

All malocclusions can be treated, as well as supraclusions and cases requiring maxillofacial surgery.
Lingual orthodontics is becoming more and more popular due to new material and techniques.

There is less discomfort at the start of treatment than a few years ago as the brackets are smaller.

Only the price remains a dissuasive factor as this techique requires long and costly laboratory techniques as well as longer appointments.
Regarding the budget, a lingual treatment is two and a half times more expensive than a classical technique, with ceramic brackets.

Here is an article on lingual orthodontics published in the magazine « Votre Beauté » in September 2005.

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