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You or your child have crooked teeth, a misaligned jaw or an asymmetrical face which can cause functional and aesthetic problems.
A detailed study will enable us to elaborate a treatment plan which can be carried out with fixed or removable appliances, and with the possible collaboration of practitioners in other disciplines, according to need.We work alongside dental surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, orthophonists, physiotherapists, etc.

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Lingual orthodontics

Lingual orthodontics enables adult patients to be treated while ensuring complete invisibility. The brace is bonded to the « ligual » or tongue-side of the teeth.
A treatment by the lingual technique obtains the same results in the same time as a classical treatment if the method is well managed.

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Teeth brushing, which should always be taken seriously, requires alot of time when teeth have braces on them.
Dental plaque must be removed by brushing. If not it will accumulate around the brackets and cause problems.

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Maxillofacial surgery

Orthodontics corrects teeth alignment problems but in many cases we need to correct jaw alignment problems in our patients. Surgery enables the correction of skeletal alignment problems when growth is over or will not be sufficient.


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Raphaël Filippi orthodontic practice

- Tuesday from 8H30 to 13H and from 14H to 18H.
- Wednesday from 9H to 13H and from 14H to 18H30.
- Thursday from 13H30 to 18H.
- Friday from 8H30 to 13H and from 14H to 16H.

16, Rue de la République 69002 Lyon
Tél : 04 72 76 39 35
Fax : 04 72 80 99 07

The precision and excellence of craftsmanship in our orthodontic practice does not accommodate with rush.

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